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NEWAETATE is an innovative multi-dimensional platform that took its inception some two years back which got its legal accreditation and subsequently incorporated on 8th march, 2017. It provides an instant solution for the problems faced by millions & millions of our students for not getting suitable trainers, as and when they need.

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We create beautiful design & great user experience, to supply the best digital products for our clients. As proof of this, here are our projects.


We create awesome stuff

The combination of beautiful and clean design, technology and user experience, give us big advantage in the market and differentiates our work.

IT  Solution

IT Solution or Information Technology Solution aims to provide a kit of products and/or services that are marketed and sold as a single package. It may contain software for a particular industry and the services that a customer would need while using the product.

Newaetate senses the demand for IT Solutions in the market and provides best-in-class value to our customers. With the diurnal changing markets, our goal is to boost customer’s gains by utilizing the power of IT and our hard work hand-in-hand.

We offer our clients services in the field of iOS and Android development which is mostly required to accomplish tasks such as developing software patches and updates or various other requirements of the client. Furthermore, we also propound our services in the field of website designing which demands skills in the fields of JAVA, .net, angular JS, react native, python, and PHP, which are remarkably zealous.

Data, Analytics  and AI

Utilizing powerful tools in this digital era such as Data, Analytics, and AI, Newaetate provides its customers, cutting edge services. We collect necessary data for a client’s project and analyze it to improve functionality and increase efficiency. Whereas, AI helps to give a delightful customer experience by analyzing the data.

By processing user data through Machine Learning(ML) and the Internet of things(IoT), with necessary security compliances and inferences, and befitting different methods through methods such as trial and error, we find eccentric solutions to our customer’s problems and fulfill their requirements.

By using our experience and expertise towards new technologies and trends in the market, we focus on providing our customer's value-based services through our research-based approach in this digital ocean that is deepening every day. Newaetate aims in building new business models and revenue systems for its clients and rivet our relations.


Newaetate also provides necessary advice to a company or a firm to help them in directing their company towards the desired goal. We provide these services by delivering certain customized software tools for the company to be more efficient and to increase product value.

We equip solutions to the problems of clients on the basis of their cost, integration, scalability, features, and many more. To provide the company with a precise solution we have to spend a lot of time discussing the situation and analyzing the problem with various stakeholders, obtaining project requirements from them.

Not every problem can be solved in the same way, various approaches and methods are applied and the solution is found, on the basis of real-world experiences. On the basis of market response and the companies resources, the solution may vary but every solution is made cohesive to the respective market structure.

Digital Marketing

We use electronic media to marketproductsand/or services of our clients, over the internet and other forms of digital communication. We run these marketing campaigns through e-mail marketingsocial media marketing and other forms of ad campaigns.

Using digital marketing, we help a company in targeting potential customers to sell their products and services which otherwise would have been a difficult job to do. We also look into valuable insights and performance reports digitally, in a targeted market, and upgrade our techniques regularly which leads to more efficient marketing of the product.

We do these tasks by engaging through meaningful interactions, with potential and returning customers. We execute our marketing based on research and data analysis using practical and goal-oriented methods for converting customers and providing value to our clients.


We also offer BPO or Business Process Outsourcing by subcontracting with our clients. Many businesses desire to outsource services due to highly competitive markets, so they opt for our BPO service to perform certain functions such as payment processes, IT services, accounting, marketing, sales, customer relation services, etc.

Many startups need our BPO services because of the unavailability of resources to hire staff, and an established company may need our BPO because of its low cost and higher returns. As our BPO manages customer relations, companies get more time and use their resources on their core product.

Also, we are more aware of changes in the market and technology, so we can perform better in markets as compared to our clients, as they have many other operations to perform. Nevertheless, we can also offer our services 24*7 to the customers that our clients wish us to deal with. We handle these customers with great sincerity and we are always there in any need of these customers.


We understand what it costs to get the most out of the Salesforce, Fonteva & Nimble AMS platform since we've spent years deploying it for nonprofits and associations. Our professionals provide best practices advising, faultless implementations, and managed services so you can focus on your goals while we handle the rest. We'll be with you every step of the process, from beginning to end!

Our Salesforce, Fonteva & Nimble AMS certified Industry Professionals and developers provide Situational analysis, requirements assessments, and project plans based on your organization's business processes and what you want to accomplish using Salesforce, Fonteva & Nimble AMS. Newaetate's work is founded on our knowledge of nonprofits and associations, as well as best practices and lessons gained through the years.

Salesforce, Fonteva & Nimble AMS integrations with third-party apps may be difficult. Newaetate helps you get the most out of Salesforce, Fonteva & Nimble AMS and your app. Our programmers deal with impacted processes, custom objects, analytics, and reports in addition to field mapping. The Newaetate team also protects you from any potential disturbance by alerting you to any potential conflicts that may develop throughout the integration process.