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NEWAETATE is an innovative multi-dimensional platform that took its inception some two years back which got its legal accreditation and subsequently incorporated on 8th march, 2017. It provides an instant solution for the problems faced by millions & millions of our students for not getting suitable trainers, as and when they need.

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It is our obligation to work for the betterment of our registered experts or teachers Community to get part-time jobs and earn hourly basis. Our Company has devised such a solution that will definitely create lots of part-time employment for the experts in the field of online education and training. We like to bring a drastic change in the fields of online education and training by giving new dimensions and new directions to our existing systems of teaching and learning.

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This is a Pvt Ltd company registered under the companies act, 2013. It completly operates under government control.This is the largrest education and training platform in India that provides guaranted part-time employment to the registered members only.Registration is free of cost.










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