Tit-for-Tat, Cash-for-Votes

What would have been the reaction of people in the early 1800s, when Humphry Davy or Thomas Alva Edison, would have pitched the idea of the Electric Bulb ? Imagine the number of dismissals the Wright brothers would have faced when they would have told people around them that Humans can fly.

Everything that you see today was definitely a dream or fantasy yesterday.

Not that we are saying every other fantasy can materialize. A popular political scion (You definitely know who we are talking about) was overheard pitching the fantasy of a machine which would take in Potatoes and give out Gold. Now that is a pot smoked fantasy, which even the most acclaimed alchemist of the erstwhile centuries couldn't have thought of. But, earning real hard Cash-for-Votes is definitely real.

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Dreams and fantasies do materialize and the living breathing proof of the fact is the Electric Bulb that's lighting up your room at this very moment.