The Burden of Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a myth they say. If you are thinking about yesterday well it's a story written down only by the victors. It's dead and long gone, buried under the graves of the only one true immortal, 'Time'. The present however they say is a gift and the only one in our control. If you understand what we are hinting at we believe we have found our Damocles. Someone has to set right the 'today' in order to make the 'tomorrow' better. We are already carrying the burden of tomorrow on our shoulders. If you are thinking how, let us first introduce ourselves. We are a bunch of neo-modern tech savvy geeks who want to improve the quality of education and facilitate the professional online home tutoring process, a Damocles' sword indeed. The future of hundreds of students lies on our shoulders and this is a risk we are willing to take. The world needs good teachers.

If you have what it takes to become a Good Teacher, come join us here.

Not every student out there is an Ekalavya who can learn on his own with a statue as teacher. Most of them need guidance. Only an effective trainer can show the way to his or her students towards greener pastures. Lots of them however get lost in the myriad search of finding a home tutor in the modern concrete jungles. Questions are asked about online home tuition, online education platforms, online tutoring companies, etc. But seldom do they find a professional home tutoring platform online or an app based online tutoring company like PickTrainer.

There are millions of online tutor jobs available on hundreds of websites but the flexibility in terms of money, time and technology offered by us would definitely help you create more value. What else does one need to set right the 'Tomorrow', if not 'Time', 'Money' and 'Technology'?

We can help you with 'Time', 'Money' and 'Technology' if you can help us answer the questions, "Tuition teachers wanted", "Tuition teachers near me", "tutors near me", etc.

The present will one day be written by us as yesterday. Tomorrow is a myth they say. Are you ready to bear the burden along with us?