Monsoon is a time of the year when the region experiences the maximum amount of rainfall. As a season, it occurs only in some regions. Others experience rains throughout the year or little rain.

Rain comes with great excitement to all. During the hot summers, the mention of rain brings cheers and excitement to people. Rain refreshes the mind of people greatly but also a reminder of the challenges it poses to the populace such as mud on the roads as well as flooding in some quarters.

The cool and wet nature of a monsoon season brings a pleasant feeling to the people. The animals dance in wild celebrations since the foliage and grass blossoms to a spectacular site. The fruits and other crops grow spectacular. The children are not left behind as they play in the mud and enjoy by creating fun and games. Several regions in India experience heavy thunderstorms during this period.

The season experiences a lot of rains, and the conditions of the roads are left in pathetic states especially in the rural and remote areas. Structures that are not properly constructed are damaged, and some dams give in to the force of the raging floods. Motorists and their cars are swept by the floods thus endangering their lives. The flow of traffic in some cities and towns is interrupted due to the water-logged streets.

The Indian Poet Kalidasa wrote Meghadoot celebrating the rainy season and Bollywood regularly churns out songs dedicated to the rainy season.

As with all other seasons, the monsoon or rainy season has importance on common lives. The rainy season brings fond memories to people as brings an equal share of fortunes and challenges. Prior preparations for the season and its unforeseen perils should be in the mind of everyone.